Home Time is the Ideal Solution
for a Tidy Home!

The right accessories will easily help organize a convenient storage system, freeing up space in your wardrobe, apartment, or house.

Compact Storage Solutions:
Functionality & Style

In addition to optimizing cupboard and shelf space, elegant storage options like boxes, containers, and vacuum bags offer the added benefit of protecting your clothing from dust and moths. Furthermore, when thoughtfully selected, these storage options can also serve as decorative elements in your living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

Rearrange Space and Pack Your Suitcase More Efficiently

Life is a journey of constant motion, which is why there is a certain joy in rearranging your furniture occasionally or embarking on a well-deserved vacation.
Containers and organizers make it much easier to find and move items without wasting time or effort.


Orderly Wardrobe

Metal Pant & Skirt Hanger
Velvet Hangers, 4 pcs.
Outerwear Hanger, 1 pcs.
Hangers, 10 pcs.

Storage Solutions

Collapsible Box with Lid, 28х30х16
Collapsible Box with Lid, 25х20х16
Collapsible Box with Lid
Collapsible Box with Lid
Storage Box, 32х32х9
Scented Vacuum Bag, 50x70 cm
Printed Clothes Cover, 60х130 cm
Collapsible Box, 18 Cells, 32x32x9
Collapsible Box, 15 Cells
Collapsible Box with Lid, 18 Cells
Laundry Hamper, 42х35

Tidy Home

Chenille Mop Pad, 45x13 cm
Mop, 120 cm (47 in.)
Toilet Brush, 35 cm (14 in.)
Cleaning Brush Set
Brush Set, 3 pcs.
Cleaning Brush
Mop, 120 cm (47 in.)
Microfiber Mop Pad, 42x12 cm


Lint Roller, 64 Sheets
Rolled Non-Slip Placemat, 30x150 cm
Sponge & Soap Holder
Blind & Radiator Duster
Shoe Covers, 50 pcs.
Chair Cover
Chair Seat Cover, 35-48 cm (14x19 in.)
Basket with Handles
Lint Roller Refills, 2 pcs.
Wall Panel, 70x70 cm (27x27 in.)


Collapsible Laundry Hamper, 35x42 cm
Laundry Mesh Bag Set (30х40 cm (12x16 in.), 40х50 cm (16x20 in.))
Clothespins, 42 pcs.
Laundry Mesh Bag Set, 2 pcs.
Clothespins, 12 pcs.
Radiator Drying Rack, 51x33



Sort out your clothes:
recycle old and worn-out garments, and give away or donate those you no longer wear. Regularly air your wardrobe to maintain the items you wear in good condition.

Tidy Storage

Use sets of collapsible boxes with lids to bring order and organization to your wardrobes and dressers.
For better functionality, combine boxes and baskets for your garments with underwear organizers.


Cleaning equipment is essential for keeping your home neat. Opt for cleaning tools that not only meet your functional needs but also please you with their features and appearance. Investing in a high-quality mop can make a significant difference in the effectiveness and efficiency of your cleaning routine, ensuring that your floors stay sparkling and spotless.
Cleaning will then be fun and enjoyable, and you won’t want to put it off.